Tuesday, January 18, 2022
Kitchen Decoration

Knives for Your Wall Decoration

Wall decoration is very diverse functions. A painting, for example, can provide new or different shades for a room with a relatively low cost.

The collection has been collected for years as a knife which we know that the knife is the oldest tool of human beings, the knife has assisted humans since prehistoric times to present. Starting from the initial function as a means of self defense from predators during self-defense is a story, collecting food, making shelter until now where the knife can be regarded as art-quality goods and have high economic value.

If you are a fan blade and have collection of some knives like kershaw knives, you might think how to store these knives; many people store their collections by placing them into a wooden box or maybe in a suitcase. So what does your collection if it is not viewed by others?

So why not take advantage of your collection of knives that may be purchased from the blade shop as an ornamental wall of your room, in addition to beautify the room, this way you are not a collection of scattered and free from dust.
But before you display your knife collection on the wall you should notice two things are important to display a collection of knives are:

Put a collection of knives in a sealed glass box.
Try placing it on a higher position so as not affordable by the children. The best position is in line with the view of adult eyes.

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