Tuesday, November 30, 2021
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Redesign Your Old Wooden Fire Into New One

Try to see when vented gas logs feel the warmth of the snowflakes. For those of you who have a fireplace, of course, can enjoy such a wonderful sensation, sitting in front of the fireplace with your family while enjoying a cup of hot chocolate.

Many people choose electric heating system than using a fireplace. The main reason is they do not want to be bothered with cleaning the ash from burning wood in the fireplace both existing as well as the flying littering the room. For those of you who have this kind of thinking no longer need to worry because it is now available fireplace gas logs that absolutely ash free.

If you don’t have one, you can buy aftermarket fireplace gas logs in Hansen Wholesale Gas Logs, there are Peterson gas logs with the lowest price. But if you already have an old fireplace you can turn it into fireplace gas logs by buying burner and gas logs and put in your old fireplace.

Generally, there are two types of gas logs that are vented gas logs and ventless gas logs, both have advantages and disadvantages of each one. Vented gas logs produce an extremely realistic flame pattern that looks like a wood fire because of the fire much taller and dance and wraps around the logs just like when you burn a real wood. Ventless gas logs are more economical because it offers much more heat and slightly less gas consumption than vented gas logs.

So which one will you choose? If you like something more realistic, vented gas logs are fit for you, if “economical” is your key of life better if you choose vent free gas logs but when using this model you have to care because it will produce CO2, so you have to install CO2 detector for safety.


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