Tuesday, November 30, 2021
Cabinet Hardware

Things to Consider Before Buying Cabinet hardware

There are some factors to consider in buying Cabinet Hardware  

The first factor to consider is what kind of hardware will best suit your cabinets. In general, there are pulls and there are knobs. Cabinet pulls have two screw holes, and if you are changing your existing pulls, you will want to choose new cabinet pulls that have the same hole spacing. This will save you the trouble of having to drill new holes or patch up existing ones.

Cabinet knobs usually have only one screw hole. They can come in several different shapes and sizes, such as square, oval or round, and there are also T knobs. T knobs, also known as bar knobs, often have a horizontal bar to grab, but there are other variations of the basic shape. Pulls are often used on drawers and so are also called drawer pulls. However, knobs work well for drawers too.

Choosing the right finish for your new cabinet hardware can take some time, because there are so many options. Take some time to study the finishes for any other hardware in your room, such as the finish of your faucets or the finish of your decorative lighting. These might make good choices for the finish of your cabinet hardware. Make sure the name of the finish matches for all your items. A sure way of doing this is to choose all of your cabinet hardware from one brand.

Choosing the exact location on your cabinets and drawers to install your hardware is a matter of preference. Knobs and pulls are usually centered on the drawer. On upper cabinets, pulls and knobs are usually placed in the lower part of the cabinet door that swings towards you. Pulls are normally placed vertically on the cabinets.

A good idea is to shop for cabinet hardware online. A good website like SimplyKnobsandPulls.com will provide search features that will help you easily search for cabinet hardware by various categories. You can select to view only those products in a certain style, or you can try viewing all products by a certain size to narrow your search.

Don’t forget to consult with your customer service representative if you have any questions before making your purchase.

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