Tuesday, November 30, 2021
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Two Factor To Consider Before Buy Construction Equipment

We started calculating the costs that must be prepared to realize the plan, ranging from licensing fees to the cost of infrastructure and constructions. Finally, all costs have been identified and we are faced with the decision to prepare the land and buildings, which is about the construction equipment we had to prepare to begin the house construction.

For decisions about the equipment that we have to prepare us are faced with several questions, namely the right type of equipment and how we can have the equipment.

Selection of tools is very important to do because it is very closely related to the factors that influence the production level tools such as type and size of tools, equipment efficiency, workplace conditions and settings, the type of work, as well as operator experience.

In terms of ownership of the means there are two alternatives to choose from are:

Buy, generally to equipment with the use of a routine so that by purchasing the equipment cost per hour of use will be lower.
Leasing or renting, generally for equipment that is only used to work with a relatively short time. by renting the equipment usage fee per hour is higher but a lower risk to the contractor.
Finally, with consideration of the cost and type of work so we decided to use small-scale construction equipment by renting.

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